Increase your Fungicide’s ROI with Monty’s!

Add Monty’s to feed your crop and maximize your yields!

During July and August, growers around the country will be making one to two fungicide passes. While making your fungicide pass, add a combination of Microhance®, K28™, Agri-Sweet™, and Surge XD™, where available, to feed your crops.

Monty’s products to apply with your fungicides include:

  • Microhance®
    • contains six important nutrients including Nitrogen
    • offers a unique blend of Monty’s technology designed to provide nutrients to the plant at any stage of growth
  • K28™ Liquid Potash
    • a supplement for potassium-deficient plants
    • pH balanced formula that can be applied 2×2 at planting and safely added to nitrogen solutions, and most herbicides and fungicides, for foliar application
  • Agri-Sweet™
    • refined sugar
    • can be used for any application where you are currently using molasses or sugar
  • Surge XD™*
    • contains Monty’s proprietary humics and fulvics
    • is designed to enhance nutrient uptake into the plant

Why should you apply these products?
You will be pushing your yields higher and protecting your yield potential. Each product will push your yield and produce specific results for your crops. As an example, Microhance® provides the plant with multiple nutrients at any stage of growth. Monty’s is easy to tank-mix with your fungicide pass!

Are all four products essential to reaching maximum yields?

Joe Dedman, VP of Agronomy at Monty’s and CCA, says Agri-Sweet™ and K28™ are the most beneficial products to be applied while making your fungicide passes as “each crop demands more potassium during the reproduction cycle. Agri-Sweet™ provides extra carbohydrates and sugars that the plant needs during that time of growth.”

Chris Mize, a Monty’s Regional Manager in North Carolina, believes Microhance® and K28™ are the most beneficial products as “there is a potash demand during this time from most crops. We use Microhance® to mitigate both plant stress and micronutrient deficiencies or imbalances.”

Monty’s has many products which can be applied during your fungicide passes to address the unique needs of your region and fields. Your Monty’s representative can assist you in deciding what is best for you based on tissue samples, timing, and weather conditions. Click here, or contact your Monty’s Representative today. 

*Surge XD™ is available in Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee.

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