AgXact... Soil & Tissue Analysis

Monty’s AgXact Soil & Tissue Analysis

Monty’s AgXact is a unique set of services to help our customers grow to their highest potential by making them more efficient and knowledgeable about their crops. Monty’s AgXact consists of soil sampling and plant tissue sampling support... designed to determine  deficiencies, and then solutions to help you maximize your yields. Monty’s AgXact: 

Is a fast, easy, exacting solution for you, the grower
• Maintains the confidentiality of your data
Is coordinated with your trusted Monty’s representative
Provides information on the quality of plants and soil throughout the growing season
Helps you make informed decisions to achieve the highest yield possible

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Know your soil.  Discover your soil’s productivity. Soil tests are essential to achieving high yields. Analyzing soil helps growers recognize the deficiencies in their soil, so they can quickly and efficiently address them. Soil tests establish a baseline of soil composition and a nutrient profile, giving growers an ideal assessment of their soil, and yield potential. Monty’s AgXact Soil Sampling Program is an effective tool to determine fertilizer needs, while also taking advantage of the nutrients
already present in the soil.

Grow – In the Know. Simple, beneficial, and fast tissue sampling. As much as 30% of your crops’ potential yield is lost due to nutrient deficiencies. The best way to detect these deficiencies is to have plant samples analyzed throughout the growing season. A good plant sampling program allows the grower to correct these problems and help avoid yield loss. Monty’s AgXact Plant Tissue Sampling program is a quick and easy solution to get the recommendations and results growers need... fast! This allows you to quickly and efficiently address issues that can negatively affect your yield and your ROI!!