AgXact... Soil & Tissue Analysis

Monty’s AgXact Soil & Tissue Analysis

Monty’s Plant Food Company, a leader in natural soil enhancement and plant fertility products, is pleased to introduce the AgXact™ crop management program. AgXact is a web-based set of tools designed to help growers determine their best management practices to address in-season issues such as nutrient deficiencies and other pertinent crop information.

Monty’s AgXact is a unique trio of services to help Monty’s customers grow to their highest potential by making them more efficient and knowledgeable about their crops. Monty’s AgXact consists of plant tissue sampling, soil sampling, and precision ag resources, which provide unprecedented data and solutions to help maximize yield.


“This web-based system allows our customers to integrate multiple record-keeping systems into one convenient, confidential, and secure system,” said Joe Dedman, Vice President of Agronomy. “The AgXact program offers an unprecedented package of tools to help our customers see deficiencies in their fields and address them immediately!”

Monty’s AgXact crop management program:

  • Is a fast, easy, exacting solution for the grower
  • Maintains the confidentiality of the grower’s data
  • Is coordinated with Monty’s representatives
  • Provides information on the quality of plants and soil throughout the growing season
  • Helps growers make informed decisions to achieve the highest yield possible

For more information contact Monty’s representative, click here, or call 1-800-978-6342.