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Increase your Fungicide’s ROI with Monty’s!

July 21, 2020

Add Monty’s to feed your crop and maximize your yields! During July and August, growers around the country will be making one to two fungicide passes. While making your fungicide pass, add a combination of Microhance®, K28™, Agri-Sweet™, and Surge XD™, where available, to feed your crops. Monty’s products to apply with your fungicides include:…

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Partnership To Develop Agricultural Product Line Shows Promise To Improve Crops And Reduce Carbon Footprint

March 31, 2020

A strategic partnership between Specialty Granules LLC (SGI), Monty’s Plant Food Company and OrganoCat has developed MagmaHume™, a mineral-rich soil and plant fortifier, that shows promise in boosting crop yield while having potential to reduce a farmer’s carbon footprint. The collaboration came out of a desire to address nutrient-depleted farmland and climate change by utilizing…

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2019 Agronomy Report

October 16, 2019

Joe Dedman, Agronomist                                 OCTOBER HARVEST HAS BEGUN! Yes, this has been a totally different year that farmers and the Ag industry has experienced, but of course it’s not over yet.  Harvest results are coming in and many areas are…

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Your crops need nutrients… just ask/listen to your weeds!

June 26, 2019

Joe Dedman VP of Agronomy, Monty’s Plant Food Company I was recently reading a book written by Charles Walters, “Weeds, Control Without Poisons.” Walters made some very interesting observations about our soils and the reactions in them that induces the different weeds we see as we drive by fields. For instance, why do we see broadleaf…

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Monty’s June Agronomy Report

June 19, 2019

Joe Dedman, Monty’s Vice President of Agronomy   IT’S EARLY JUNE AND MANY ARE STILL PLANTING CORN AND BEANS? We are still in high gear from the bottom of Tennessee and northward, across the corn belt, and beyond – including the northwest states. I can’t remember a spring planting season quite like this one. It…

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SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

March 14, 2019

Agrihance-R SDS Agrihance-S SDS Agrihance-V SDS Agri-N SDS Agri-Sweet SDS All-Purpose Growth SDS Boron SDS Calcium Plus SDS Catalyzer SDS Corn Blend SDS Dri-Carbon SDS Dri-Humic SDS Dri-Sulfur 42 SDS Hay-Now SDS Humi-Till SDS K28 Liquid Potash SDS Liquid Humic SDS Magnesium SDS Manganese SDS Microhance SDS MnFe SDS Monty’s Liquid Carbon SDS Nanobind SDS Nanoboost SDS Premium…

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Why Soil Needs Magnesium

November 6, 2018

Magnesium, the Unheralded Star by Paul Reed Hepperly Although nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and even calcium are often discussed, magnesium is mostly unheralded and misunderstood. In this article I will examine the nature of magnesium deficiency and show how ignoring soil magnesium can lead to dire consequences in human, plant and animal health. Like the other…

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 2, 2018

In honor of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s work, Monty’s invites you, your family members and friends, to join us in making a contribution to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This is a cause and mission the Monty’s family believes in: “to help women now by providing help and inspiring hope to those affected by…

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Monty’s Introduces Nauxin!

July 9, 2018

Monty’s Introduces Nauxin nutrient package, ideal for herbicide application Monty’s Plant Food Company, a leader in natural soil enhancement and plant fertility products, is pleased to introduce Nauxin nutrient package. Nauxin is a unique blend of Monty’s technology designed to provide nutrients to the plant at any stage of growth, helping maximize the plant’s yield…

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Monty’s Introduces AgXact!

June 11, 2018

Monty’s Introduces AgXact – a web-based set of tools to help growers address their crop deficiencies Monty’s Plant Food Company, a leader in natural soil enhancement and plant fertility products, is pleased to introduce the AgXact™ crop management program. AgXact is a web-based set of tools designed to help growers determine their best management practices…

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