Monty’s Plant Food Launches New Hemp Pro Line

Monty’s Plant Food Company, providing natural soil enhancement and fertility products to the lawn and garden, turf and agricultural industries for over 20 years, has introduced Monty’s Hemp Pro. Monty’s Hemp Pro is a line of products specifically designed to provide the proper nutrition for maximizing hemp production.

The 2018 federal Farm Bill removed restrictions on growing hemp for fiber, oil, fuel, and cannabidiol (CBD) production. The number of U.S. acres devoted to hemp production is increasing dramatically as farmers seek a sustainable, more-profitable crop that fits in with traditional rotational practices.

Even though hemp is technically a new field of opportunity, hemp production has been around a long time. Records of the first hemp crops date to the 1600’s.  Monty’s President, Dennis Stephens grew up on a family farm in Kentucky with its history in hemp production. His grandfather raised as much as 1000 acres of hemp during World War II. So when Stephens was invited to research hemp as a potential biofuel in partnership with the University of Louisville’s Speed School of Engineering six years ago, he jumped at the chance. Says Stephens, “They wanted to grow hemp for five years as part of a study evaluating hemp as an energy source. It was interesting to me, because of my family history of producing hemp in the 30’s and 40’s. Hemp was a major source of rope and fiber during the war, and a major source of income for us. So, we had an instant connection there.”

As interest has been renewed on the natural, homeopathic properties of hemp, research has begun to focus on CBD, a non-psychoactive part of the hemp plant. CBD is now the subject of major medical studies around the world and is being evaluated for the treatment of a range of medical conditions including Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, epilepsy, and anxiety. Fascinated by hemp and its potential, Stephens continued his research, now adding a focus on the varieties grown for CBD production. He has been consulting on plots in both Kentucky and Tennessee to determine the nutritional needs of hemp to maximize the growers desired outcome, whether it be for CBD, oil, fiber or seed.

Members of the Monty’s team, have been working with established growers in the Pacific Northwest, testing various combinations of nutrients on plants there with great success. So, while hemp is “new,” Stephens and his Monty’s team have spent years developing formulas that have proven to grow stronger, healthier hemp plants. Monty’s Hemp Pro programs can be fine-tuned to maximize the grower’s yield. 

The Hemp Pro line addresses the specific nutritional needs of the hemp plant during the different growth stages. Hemp Pro products are also designed to help growers deal with various growing conditions and soils.

While the Hemp Pro name is new to the Monty’s lineup, the formulas are well-tested and proven to provide growers of all sizes with a natural, premium source of the nutrients hemp plants need – free of the byproducts, heavy metals, and excessive salts found in other commercial fertilizers. Taylor Marret, Monty’s Turf and Ornamental Manager, says “Hemp Pro is for growers who want to remove some of the risks involved in hemp production and take advantage of a company with a proven track record that can help them raise a successful crop.”

Marret, who grew up on a row crop and dairy farm, is excited about the possibilities hemp offers to family farmers. “Hemp is a new opportunity for the farm families who no longer raise tobacco, yet still have equipment left that they can utilize to grow a crop that can make their land profitable. The tractor, tobacco setter, and tobacco barns can be returned to production to provide for these families who lost a significant portion of their income once tobacco was no longer an option for them.”

With decades of experience helping farmers grow better, stronger, and higher-yielding crops, Monty’s is proud to help the American farmer grow their crops from “seed to succeed” with its new Hemp Pro product line.

Hemp Pro is available in 2.5, 30, 275 gallon – and bulk sizes through Monty’s representatives, Ag dealers and retail garden centers.


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