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I farm about 6,500 acres of corn, soybeans, wheat and rice. I also have an aerial application service and custom apply 140,000 to 150,000 acres. I use Calcium Plus with my pesticides. I use Monty’s Agrihance-S at 1 gallon per acre on my corn in row on the seed. I get better germination and more even seed emergence. Also better root growth and better root penetration. I use Agrihance-V foliar on all my crops and Agrihance-R on my soybeans with fantastic yields. I have no mixing problems with anything. Watch video testimonial here.

Perry Galloway Farmer and Aerial Applicator

I farm 5000 acres of row crops and have 300 acres of commercial hay. I use ½ gallon Calcium Plus on my soil under peanuts and Agrihance-V and Agrihance-R foliar. I definitely have seen 200 – 300 pounds increased yield where I used these products. I had less disease pressure. On corn I use Agrihance-S as my seed starter. I contribute this plus Monty’s Calcium Plus for my increased yields. I have used Calcium Plus now for 2 years on my corn ground. I have a healthier plant, quicker start coming out of the ground and a larger root mass. Monty’s products are easy to handle and no gumming up the sprayer. Prove it to yourself by trying it and splitting a field.” Watch the video testimonial here.

Michael Gray Farmer

We are seeing an improvement of the leaf color and growth. You can notice the difference the day after we spray. It’s really easy to apply.

Mike Lewis Mike Lewis

The difference it made in my landscape as well as my vegetable garden was amazing! In 60 years of gardening I have never used a product that worked so well.

Gloria Angeletti Lawrenceburg, KY

I have recommended adding Monty’s Liquid Carbon to starters for a while now. It really makes a difference. The hemp growers that have used Monty’s products have all been very pleased with their results. It is a product line that I can suggest with confidence.

Tommy Thompson TFC Field Sales Rep

We have had stunted growth with many of our plants. I talked with my Monty’s rep and he told us the application information. In less than one week, you can really see the difference… the plants have really jumped up. Thank you for introducing us to the program.  IT is working and we will continue to apply Monty’s.

Larry Grace

The way my garden looks all I can say is thank God for Monty’s!

Bill McCluskey South Silver Creek, GA

I tried it on half my garden for the first 4-6 weeks of the season, the results were unbelievable, I then applied it to the other half.

Carolyn Mills Middletown, KY

We have used and sold Monty’s products since 1999, after about 3 years I no longer needed to carry the national brands.

Mike Brown Paul’s Fruit Market, Louisville, KY

I put Monty’s Liquid Carbon with every application.

KEVIN KALB MACC Group National Corn Warrior Winner

I work very closely with Monty’s team to achieve my record yields.

Terry Vissing MACC Group National Corn Yield Contest Winner

I have been using Monty’s plant food for my alfalfa/grass hay for the past 2 yrs. I started using Hay Now this year. With the drought here in southwest Michigan this year, my hay has done tremendous. I’m now going to get a 5th cutting here weather dependent. I keep bale data from year to year and have increased production each year. I have another hay farmer who keeps asking me how I get so many cuttings. Monty’s!!!!!! He sees the results.

David Kroa Farmer

"We raise 70 acres of dark-fired tobacco and raise 500 acres of row crops, including corn, soybeans, and wheat. I also run a cow/calf operation. I have found Monty’s products can be sprayed with any chemical on tobacco. It does not settle out in the tank." "I use Monty’s Agrihance-V in my tobacco setter water at planting and apply Agrihance-R just before topping or at topping. My tobacco shows better growth during the season and a better color at stripping time. My tobacco did not show any disease at harvest. I have good quality and a good finish to the leaves. My tobacco hanging in the barn will weigh about 4.5 pounds per stick which is really good.” Watch video testimonial here.

Chester Black Farmer

We use Premium Growth Formula to give the plants a boost. We have had the best results from Monty’s and we have tried several different products.

Daniel Fisher Owner, Daniel Fisher Landscape Nursery, Louisville, KY

We could tell a huge difference in the treated and untreated area of that field the first year. We repeated the test the second year and were absolutely blown away. The corn was almost twice as tall and the yield was over 50 bushels more where we applied Monty’s Carbon for just two years.

Ben Hushon The Mill

My growers are looking for ease of use with the greatest efficiency. The Premium Blend in this package allows greater ROI and flexibility both as a starter and foliar. This is what growers are looking for.

Michael Thompson Monty’s Representative

We used Monty’s Premium Soil Conditioner this spring in an attempt to boost organic matter in soil thus optimizing seed establishment, moisture retention & stress recovery. We plan on including Monty’s in the future as the results were evident!

Chris Waldridge Farison Sports Turf, Louisville, KY

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