The Future of Soil Health

The Cutting Edge of Soil Health

Monty’s continues to be on the cutting edge of soil health, researching new ways to improve the symbiotic relationship between the plant and the soil surrounding it. As the importance and awareness of healthy soils has grown around the world, Monty’s and its employees have taken an active role on a global level. Through Soil Renaissance, an initiative of the Farm Foundation, NFP and The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Monty’s works to bring attention to the critical role of soil health in the challenge of feeding the world’s population – predicted to be 9 billion people by the year 2050.

Monty’s, and other entities involved in the Soil Renaissance, believe that healthy soils contribute to carbon sequestration, cleaner air and water and productive crops. Thus, the goal of the Soil Renaissance, and it’s Board, is to both create awareness and educate individuals on the importance of soil health and how healthier soil can assist the world in feeding the growing population.

Currently, two of Monty’s team members have been invited by the Soil Renaissance to assist in developing soil health standards and informing and educating the public on soil health. Dennis Stephens, President of Monty’s Plant Food, has served on the Soil Renaissance Thought Leader board since October 2014 and Joe Dedman, Vice President of Agronomy, was named to the Soil Renaissance Research Working Group in February 2015.

“As growers, it is our responsibility to continually seek ways to enrich the soil that feeds us,” said Dennis Stephens. “Soil is our greatest natural resource; Both Joe and I are honored to serve with others seeking to education growers about practices which will not only benefit the farmer, but also preserve this treasure needed to feed future generations.”

“Soil is our next frontier,” said Joe Dedman. The goal of our research team is to get farmers to focus on improving the health of their soil. And think long-term about their contributions to feeding not only their community but the world as well.”

Monty’s Plant Food is honored to be a part of the Soil Renaissance and its continuing mission to educate the world’s population on the importance of sustaining our earth’s most valuable asset.