About Monty’s Plant Food Company

Monty’s Plant Food Company has been pioneering advancements in the soil enhancement product manufacturing industry since 1997. Founded by Montrose “Monty” Justice,” an avid and award-winning gardener with a zest for life and an inquisitive character, Monty’s products are developed to be the best quality plant food on the market. By utilizing proprietary technology, Monty’s harnesses the power of purified humics and combines them with traditional macro and micro nutrients to develop innovative plant and soil solutions that are productive, economically feasible, environmentally sound and maximizes yields. More than twenty five years later, Monty’s retains its founder’s innovation, perseverance and spirit as a leader in the field of humics and soil health.

Purpose Statement

By providing trusted and environmentally-responsible plant nutrition and soil products, we help ourcustomers grow to their highest potential.

Key Principles

  • Support the development of each employee.
  • Go the extra mile to help our customers reach success.
  • Choose the highest quality, environmentally-responsible materials.
  • Operate with integrity even when no one is watching.
  • Never stop learning and developing new innovative technology.