plantvantage premium soil conditioner

Premium Soil Conditioner

Treat your lawn and garden to Monty’s Premium Soil Conditioner and help return your soil to a vital, more balanced state. Soil Conditioner is recommended to help replenish soil that is depleted from chemicals, compaction, drought, and even flooding.

  • Increases moisture retention in your soil
  • Increases nutrient uptake in plants
  • Like composting, only faster
  • Can be used on all soil types
  • Easy application
  • A sustainable way to enrich your soil!
  • Stimulates microbial activity to keep the soil “alive”and dynamic for healthier plant life
  • Can be applied to the soil in the early spring or fall, or as necessary throughout the season.
plantvantage indoor outdoor

Premium Indoor/Outdoor

Premium Indoor/Outdoor is the ideal way to get your plants off to a great start with a perfect combination of nutrients.

  • For use on all flowering or non-flowering indoor plants and outdoor trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables
  • Can be used when starting flower or vegetable seed, plant cutting, or transplanting
  • 4-15-12 NPK Formulation with Zinc and Iron
  • Easy application – root feed or foliar spray
  • Promotes early root vigor and assists in developing early resistance
  • Apply early in the season outdoors, and all year for indoor plants.
plantvantage premium growth

Premium Growth

Premium Growth is an award-winning plant food designed to produce outstanding plants with larger leaves and stronger stems.

  • Use on all plants, including trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables
  • Promotes root and top growth, and larger foliage
  • Provides a nutritional boost
  • Easy application – root feed or foliar spray
  • 8-16-8 NPK Formulation with Zinc and Iron
  • Use as soon as the plant emerges from the soil and throughout growth stages. Helps revive lagging plants.
plantvantage premium root and bloom

Premium Root & Bloom

Premium Root & Bloom is designed to produce abundant and vibrant fruit and blooms! The best way to finish strong and healthy.

  • Use on all plants, including trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables
  • Promotes strong roots for better nutrient uptake
  • Improves plant hardiness and builds resistance to disease
  • Increases number and vibrancy of blooms, and vegetable yields
  • Terrific for winterizing plants
  • Easy application – root feed or foliar spray
  • Apply as soon as plants start to fruit or flower

Try Our Actived Humic Technology Today

Monty’s PlantVantage products are a combination of stable, quality ingredients, and have been formulated to promote faster root development, stronger plant growth and increased flower, fruit and vegetable production. Our proprietary activated humic technology is designed to improve the overall vitality of your soil… for success you can see!