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Monty’s Foliar Products

This brief webinar discussing Monty’s foliar products – which are designed to supplement traditional nutrient management programs and to assist in addressing specific plant needs or deficiencies. By applying these foliar products, you can expect plant response and crop performance. These products include Agri-N, Microhance, Sulfur 15, and Agrihance-V.

Humi-Till Crop Residue Management

This brief webinar is designed to introduce Humi-Till. Humi-Till is a unique blend of specific microbes and activated humics designed to decompose cellulose, lignin, and keratin in crop residue. Humi-Till also stimulates your soil biology to break down crop residue — significantly reducing your planting problems and making the nutrients in crop residue available.

The Humic Myth / Results versus Percentage

This brief webinar is designed to address the myth regarding percentages of humics and their perceived value. Hopefully after viewing this presentation, it will allow you to better understand that perception is not always reality. That higher percentages do not mean better results.