The Truth About Humics

A little dose of TRUTH is all your crops want.

There is quite a bit of mis-information out in the market about humics. Here is the TRUTH about humics and Monty’s advanced, proprietary technology:

  • Monty’s humic technology is proprietary. There is nothing else like it, or proven as effective on the market.
  • Monty’s highly concentrated formulas allow for lower application rates at a lower cost per acre.
  • Monty’s humics have been used successfully on soils ranging from heavy clay to light sand.
  • Monty’s products have a proven track record of improving grower’s plants, soil, and increasing their yields since 1985.
  • Monty’s humics are uniquely designed to address compaction, low levels of organic matter, lack of moisture, and residue breakdown.
  • Monty’s is a catalyst designed to make other products — fertility, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides — work more effectively.
  • Monty’s humics interact with the biological environment of the soil, helping to create healthier soil.
  • Monty’s humics are uniquely designed to meet your farming challenges, without clogging spray tips, settling out, or damaging equipment. You purchase 275 gallons of our product, you apply 275 gallons of our product!

AND THAT’S THE TRUTH. Don’t be fooled by others who tell you differently. A little dose of truth is all your crops want.

We could tell a huge difference in the treated and untreated area of that field the first year. We repeated the test the second year and were absolutely blown away. The corn was almost twice as tall and the yield was over 50 bushels more where we applied Monty’s Carbon for just two years.

Ben Hushon The Mill