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Kevin Kalb

Kevin is an expert on Midwest soils, proven by his record as a 14-time winner of the National Corn Yield Contest sponsored by the National Corn Growers Association. Kevin has 3 state placements for the highest yield in Indiana. His personal best came in 2019, when he delivered 394 bushel-per-acre results. You can see Kevin on episodes of Corn Warriors.


“I put Monty’s Liquid Carbon with every application.”

Terry Vissing

Terry farms 1,100 acres in Marysville, IN. Terry farms corn and soybeans, and his farm is 90% no-till. Terry is a 2-time NCGA state corn winner in Indiana. Terry is also a 3-time Indiana state winner for sorghum and a third place national sorghum winner. He received the designation of AgriGold Yieldmaster.


"I work very closely with Monty's team to achieve my record yields."


Joe Dedman

Joe Dedman has been a Certified Crop Advisor for more than 20 years and is Vice President of Agronomy at Monty’s Plant Food Company. Joe has worked with growers analyzing soil tests, and making agronomically sound recommendations to help maximize yield. At Monty’s, Joe also conducts training seminars, is integral to new product development, co-manages the Monty’s research farm, and oversees product trials.


"The MACC Group is an outstanding resource to learn new and innovative ways to reach higher yields."


What are MACC growers saying about working with our award-winning team?

“I believe the MACC school has been a real advantage for us. Kevin and Terry share their knowledge with us and we apply it to our farming operation. And talking with other farmers has been great. We have all learned something new this year that we had not thought of before.”


“Being a part of the MACC Group has been great for me. Working with people with this level of knowledge has helped me take my yields to the next level. It’s about learning to pay attention to the small things that have a big impact. Being a part of the MACC Group is absolutely a no-brainer for anyone looking to increase ROI! I would do it again in a heartbeat. Plus the networking and friendships I have built along the way… I can’t wait to get back together and talk about the results from this season.”


“Becoming a MACC member has been a good decision… a good investment. We are still learning what will work on our farm, but have seen good results. We are in the fourth year of tissue sampling and are really familiar with it now and what we need to do based on the results. Getting all of the levels balanced is a key to raising our yields.”


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Active Humic Technology

The difference is activation. When you apply the most active and soluble proprietary humic technology on the market to your soil, it makes everything else you apply work better.

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