High-yield farming is the fastest-growing trend in agriculture – literally. Growers who utilize high-yield programs consistently see more than 300 bushels of corn per acre – with some producing over 400 bushels – and soybean growers are harvesting more than 100 bushels per acre! 

The “building blocks” to high-yield programs are not new – attention to plant and soil health, growing conditions, nutrient needs, and that ever-important element, timing. But high-yield growing applies these principles in new, science-based programs that are producing record yields and ROI; and producing them sustainably across the entire U.S. 

You too can join the ranks of high-yield farmers. Finding the right partner is the key to maximizing your success. Our team of experienced, trusted advisors can help you meet your high-yield goals by utilizing Monty’s High Yield programs which offer ideal combinations of sustainable products and science-based application programs. 

High-yield farming is still evolving. It may require a change in thinking, along with some changes in planting equipment and more attention during the growing season. Let Monty’s trusted advisors and proven solutions help guide you through these changes on your way to becoming a successful high yield grower... and higher ROI. And as a growing number of farmers across the country will testify, it’s more than worth the investment. 

A Hearty Constitution

Terry Vissing is a multi-time NCGA state corn winner, and MACC, high-yield founder.

Healthy soil is the key to increasing volume and vitality of crops, consistently season to season. Structurally sound soil also is best suited to resist the negative impacts of unpredictable drought, flooding, high winds and any number of difficult conditions.

As Joe Dedman, Monty’s VP of Agronomy, explains, “Poor soil health is the root cause of crop disease, low water retention, malnourished crops, erosion and practically every other problem a farmer encounters. Keep treating just the symptoms to these problems, and the problems will return time and again. Address the underlying issue—soil health as a whole—and nip the problems in the bud. That’s what we specialize in doing at Monty’s.”

Monty's Liquid Carbon is a unique, activated humic technology that reduces compaction and improves overall soil health. Time and again, MLC is the answer to farmers’ problems with their soil.


Monty’s soil and plant nutrient solutions aid a plant’s growth throughout the process. Proprietary humic products contribute an edge to many of Monty’s unique formulas--fertilities, nutrients, and specialties--by serving as a catalyst that lends to higher nutrition in the crops, thus increasing yields. Plus, Monty’s products help to enhance the performance of fungicide, pesticide and herbicide programs.

Monty’s program – including proprietary products such as Monty's Liquid Carbon, Agri-Sweet FG, Surge XD, Microhance, and K28  – is designed to provide the basic building blocks of a successful foliar fertilizer program.

“I trust Monty’s products on every acre,” said Brooks Cardinal, National Corn Yield Winner.

Trusted Advisors and Tools for Higher Yields

Monty’s advisory team and services remove the guesswork from assessing soil issues and right timing of nutrient applications for producing the biggest harvest yield. Monty’s team understands that farmers, even in the same region, face different challenges to producing healthy, high-yield crops. For this reason, our advisors work closely with individual farmers to decipher their issues and formulate unique solutions.

Y-Drop is an ideal, versatile liquid application method that delivers nutrients directly to the soil surface.

Monty’s team is comprised of trusted advisors strategically placed across the country with years of agricultural experience. Our team is headed up by Joe Dedman (more than 50 years in agriculture, including 25 years as a Certified Crop Advisor).

Monty’s crop management program is one of the tools our team uses to help farmers solve problems before they occur. Monty’s program focuses on plant tissue and soil sampling. It offers data so you know exactly what is going on in your field and lends solutions to prevent or address developing problems. Dedman explains, “Our program offers an unprecedented package of tools to help our customers see deficiencies in their fields and address them immediately!” Monty’s can then offer specific solutions to address those deficiencies.

Ready to get started? Talk to the experts! Monty’s agronomy team is on hand to offer advice, resources, and connections with other high-yield growers to help you down the path to your own high-yield success. Whether it’s a strip, a test plot, a field, or going “all-in,” Monty’s trusted advisors are ready to help you achieve your high-yield goals. Contact your sales representative here or call us at 800-978-6342 for more information.


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Maximize Your Soil’s Potential

Active Humic Technology

The difference is activation. When you apply the most active and soluble proprietary humic technology on the market to your soil, it makes everything else you apply work better.

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